Johnson Boat Parts   



Amexport Services is selling quality Johnson boat parts at  lowest prices. Johnson has dealers spanning the entire U.S. fiberglass boating market and is considered the brand of choice in many major markets.  Johnson boats real home is around the world and in the hands of boaters parts that know the pride of owning a Johnson boat.

We specialize in restored original always guaranteeing the best price to our clients as well as the best service. Also we supply restored generic, but of high quality, since these restored (aftermarket) are made of the same plant where they do the original ones.
We sell Johnson marine engine parts to cover maintenance, tune-up, and overhaul of most common inboard and outboard engines. We also sell a wide range of motor boat and  yacht parts for your boat and motor, from electrical boat parts, to boat fuel tanks and pumps, to boat covers and seats and more. We even have the boat cleaning, boat safety and sanitation supplies you need to maintain your boat.